Yoga Pooch - The Art Of Doggy Yoga!!

Yoga Pooch

Yoga is hot right now and you can do it anywhere, anytime and with anyone you choose it seems. Yummy mummies can be seen baby slung in a sling doing the downward dog and ‘Doga’ is the new hot thing to do with the love of your life- your favourite canine friend.

Yoga for dog lovers is now popping up in studios all over the place, books are being published for the best Yoga Pooch Moves and you can watch the best in dog yoga videos you can find!


Dogamahny is the popular Dog friend Yoga studio in The Pirate Castle, North West London and they answer the question well, ‘why do dog Yoga?’

  • Besides extending dog and human years...
  • It's FUN! (in Doga anything goes) Large and Small dogs are welcome
  • You and your dog get to socialise with fellow Yogis and Dogis
  • You'll get a great Yoga Stretch whilst your dog may or may not participate
  • You can let go of ownership and simply enjoy each others company and strengthen the natural bond  
  • You no longer have to feel guilty joining a yoga class and leaving your dog at home
  • Both of you will benefit calming your central nervous which helps with sleep and digestion
  • Within 6 sessions your stress level will decrease as well as your loyal companions

They run classes bookable online and their claim is the class will help you bond more with your pooch.

Just ask Amigo

"Hiya, my name is Amigo.. And I'm so happy after my second Doga session. My mum takes me regularly and we are getting really good a yoga."

If you fancy taking up the practice of ‘Doga’ and don't live in London, then fear not, you can grab the Doga book as published by Mahny Djahanguiri, the founder of this coined phase, yoga studio and book line.

Order yours today, plus a snazzy Natty Pooch Yoga Mat perfectly made for freestyle doggy Yoga. It can be used as a perfect exercise mat and turned into a nice comfy day basket for those long summer park filled days.


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