Why Do Dogs Run Away?

Why does your dog or cat run away

Hands up if you spend most of your dog walking time actually trying to get back or find your dog?

Are you scared to let your pooch off the leash for fear of spending the next day searching high and low?

Do you have a new puppy who is just getting used to his new surroundings?

Are you spending hours away from your dog whilst at work and wish you could keep an eye on them or have a little chat or spy on their day?

If your dog is a constant runaway, they are quite possibly trying to tell you something. Dogs like us are social creatures and if they are not being stimulated, they bolt in search of adventure. They need lots of long walks to explore and venture away from home, often 10-20 minute walks just don’t cut it!

We live in the year 2017, when GPS dog tags and plug and play easy wireless cameras are the norm and absolutely affordable. You can get tags which slip on their collar and allow you to track their movements throughout the day, locate lost dogs and alert you to your mobile phone if your dog moves out of a 75 foot radius of your location.


But why does your dog bolt in the first place?

1.They are over excited!

If you are out on a walk, you know how it is when your dog gets excited by the noise of a small animal and bolts to chase it into the grass or a car noise in the distance. This can happen too if you're not right next to them, they may get excited and dash off, before forgetting to tell you where they’re going and then guess what they are lost!

2.They get scared!

Your dog can easily get scared, they are not the strong beasts everyone would like to think they are.A mechanical loud noise, a knock at the door, loud voices or a distant drone in the distance and they get scared and retreat to safety, without knowing how to make it back to their home.

3.They are bored!

Like us humans, dogs get bored if they are not being stimulated enough and go hunting for more exciting experienced in their life. If you spend large amounts of time away from your dog, then maybe their sudden abandonment of home is a sign they are looking for more attention.

4. Habit

All dogs are different and you may have a family of cute pooches and only one of them is a runaway and you think ‘but why’...i treat them all the same!

5. Moving and unfamiliarity

This is one of the biggest causes of a runaway dog. You may have only moved 10 minutes away, but an uneasy dog will try to make it’s way back to a place it knows. You need to do an orientation week or two with your dog, till they get used to the area.  

6. Mating season

This isn't just the case for un-neutered dogs. When a dog gets the urge to mate, they may go off in search of their mate. That cheeky pooch is just trying to fulfill his urges and why not!

Will they always return?

No! 1 in 3 dogs get lost in their lifetime and they never get back to their original owner. If you have ever lost a dog, you know how heartbreaking this can be. Dogs become lost, unable to find their way home, they often get injured or hurt and sometimes picked up by a good samaritan and if they are not fully chipped or registered they stay lost for ever!


Try these tips to help make sure your pooch stays at home for good!

  • Keep your dog busy, engaged and take they for at least a 3 minute to 2 hour walk a day. This will make sure they scratch that urge to bolt off looking for adventure.
  • Play with your dog at home and show them you love them. Dogs are complete socialites.
  • If you move to a new area, use a leash for the first 2 weeks to make sure they get used to their surroundings
  • Get your dog Neutered to suppress those urges of darting to find true love!
  • Try and keep your dog inside at night and if they do get lost, invest in a GPS tracker, so you can easily track and find them with little worry and stress.
  • Invest in some dog training to help break bad habits.

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