Busting The Doggy Swag Bag on the New York Subway 2017

So if you live in New York, own a dog and use the subway, then the hot topic this summer is "what bag are you carrying your pooch in?" 

Since this news story went viral in 2016, when dogs were banned on the New York Subway, unless they fit into a bag, 'Bag Swag' has become a hot topic among New York dog owners.

People got really creative with this ruling and dogs started popping up in back packs, tote bags, and even Ikea bags, in a bid to beat the rule. But now we are hitting the summer of 2017 and a whole new niche of doggy bags have popped up in stores online and on the streets of New York.

You can now get slings, specially designed bags with custom cut holes for your canine friend., designer totes and even a Chanel Dog Bag Carrier with a very hefty price tag attached!! Bags to suit every budget, style, and purpose. You can even bust a move on a scooter doggy bag, I kid you not.

Like any viral craze, there has to be an element of hipster cool your story and this story really has the grassroots viral tag attached to it. Subway dog lovers really got creative when the ban on dogs came out and used bags that they already had in the collections at home. Small to medium sized dogs can fit into most bag styles easily, but now the craze has spurred a whole craze of tailor made dog bags, carriers, and trolleys.

Here are some of our favorite options for carrying your pooch on the subway this Summer. 

1. The Morraccan Carpet Bag

2. The Dog Carrier Case On Wheels


This is next level customization. Pup on wheels, with a meshed cooling fabric to protect from animals (and small child hands), a perfect pull along the handle, room for your shopping and side pockets for all your day doggy accessories.

3. The Doggy Back Pack

Doggy Back Pack

These are the queen of cuteness. It used to be 'wear a baby and the girls will flock' but now guys, it's a case of wear your cute dog and the whole world will melt at your feet. These can come in hundreds of different designs and colors.

4. The Multi Purpose Bag and Sling

Dog bag and leash

Grab your doggy bag and go! This on the move option keeps you light and mobile and then ready for walkies with your pooch when you get to your destination.

What do you think? Madness or absolute genius?

How do you carry your pooch?


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